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*ARC ~ NEW Construction/Lot Mowing Submittal Form
 Please have all information ready including Owner contact info, Builder contact info,
Superintendent contact info, Architect contact info and project dimensions.

Please mail your hard copies of all Forms & Attachments to:
Amelia Island Management
Attn: Brady Point Preserve - ARC
5440 First Coast Hwy | Amelia Island, FL 32034

For ARC questions 

contact Bill Moore at 904-753-4178 or [email protected]

Submittal Date: *
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Superintendent: Phone Number:*
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Architect: Street Address:*
Architect: City, State, Zip Code:*
Architect: Phone Number:*
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Living Area (Sq Ft):*
Garage Area (Sq Ft):*
F.F. Elevations:*
(3) Copies of Plans, Landscape Plans and Survey (See Plan Checklist for Required Items)

Roofing: Mfg., Material and Color:
Brick: Color with Sample:
Stucco: Texture and Color:
Stone: Color with Sample:
Wood Siding: Material and Color:
Fascia: Material and Color:
Exterior Doors: Material and Color:
Exterior Trim: Material and Color:
Driveway / Walkway Finish:
Please Attach below Photos, Drawings, Specs., Supporting Documentation, Etc.:
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Submission Fee Paid:
DATE: Fee Paid:
Check Number:
Performance Binder:
DATE: P.B. Paid:
.Check Number:
We are submitting this Application and House Plans to the Brady Point Preserve ARC for Review and Approval.
We agree the ARC has set forth Guidelines and Regulations and we will abide by those Guidelines and Regulations.

We understand the primary purpose of the ARC is to provide architectural guidelines and requirements to achieve aesthetic continuity in Brady Point Preserve and conform to the Covenants and Restrictions of Brady Point Preserve. We understand compliance with all building codes, governmental ordinances and regulations are the responsibility of the Owner/Contractor. Therefore, we hereby hold harmless and indemnify Brady Point Preserve ARC from any and all matters concerning the construction and fitness of our house, including, but not limited to, drainage, code, plat, setback violations and easements.
We acknowledge that the final inspection will be performed by the ARC. If the requirements of the Brady Point Preserve ARC and the Covenants and Restrictions have been met, final approval will be issued.

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